The Whitetail deer is a medium-sized deer native to the United States, Canada, Mexico and even Central America. It is the most widely distributed wild ungulate in North America. Whitetail deer are usually found in aspen park lands, deciduous river bottom lands, and in mixed deciduous riparian corridors and the lower foothills of the Northern Rocky Mountain regions. Whitetail deer are recognizable by the characteristic white underside to its tail. The Whitetail deer is highly variable in size, generally a male deer (buck) will weigh around 250 lbs and females (doe) usually weigh around 100 lbs. The breeding season for Whitetails begins in mid November. Bucks will go into the rut and heated battles will ensue between mature males fighting for dominance and the right to breed does in heat.

Gillnockies Guiding and Outfitting conducts great mountain Whitetail hunts for trophy bucks, averaging 120 to 140 class and there is always a chance to find up to 160 class. There are several methods to hunt these bucks during the rut, all of which can be equally successful. Typically, using tree stands over well used trails where scrapes and rubs are found, or rattling, grunting and glassing cut blocks where bucks have been frequenting will yield results. Big Whitetail bucks are well known for being one of North America's most wary and cunning animals, and are high on any trophy hunter's list.  Our Mule/Whitetail deer combo hunt is a very enjoyable trip for avid deer hunters.  You will enjoy the comfort of our beautiful mountain lodge, and some of the most spectacular mountain landscape found anywhere. This hunt can be combined with any of our Cat hunts during this time of year as snow is usually on the ground and tracks can easily be found. Our hounds are ready and eagerly waiting for the chance to hunt just like our guides.