The Stone sheep is the southern subspecies of thinhorn sheep native to northwestern North America. Stone's Sheep are primarily found in Northern British Columbia. They mainly inhabit high alpine basins and mountain tops but can also be found in sub alpine even timbered areas. They are distinguished by their white neck, legs and rump with light to dark grey body. Mature rams will band up in late spring and are not usually found with ewes and lambs until the breeding season begins. Ram's will start seeking out females in October and begin to band up until the breeding season ends in mid to late November.

This hunt takes place in the Northern B.C area in the Cassiar mountain range, located about 100 miles below the Yukon Border. We conduct these hunts in mid August to early September using horses and/or atv's to access remote spike camps. From there be prepared to travel many miles on foot looking for sheep and sleeping in alpine tent's. Our sheep guides are very well seasoned and experienced at locating and judging rams. This is one of North Americas most sought after and prestigious trophy animals with their impressive horns and beautiful hide. You will be living in some of the most breathtaking yet rugged mountains on the planet so it is essential that hunters be in the utmost best physical condition possible to increase chances at finding big rams! Stone rams are required to have full curl horns past the bridge of their nose or of 8 yrs age determined by big game officials measuring horn length and counting the anuli rings. Most rams harvested by our clients score in the mid 150's into the mid 160's as we are very selective in killing big mature rams!! We take up to 3 archery hunters per season and the rest rifle hunters with very high success. This area is alloted 5 outfitted stones sheep tags per season so advanced booking is required!!