Caribou are a part of the deer family, larger than deer and elk but smaller than moose. There are 5 sub-species of Caribou located in Alaska and across the northern provinces and territories of Canada. Mountain Caribou inhabit the northern part of British Columbia and the Yukon. Their coloration is usually medium to light brown, with shades of gray and white on their rumps and necks. They are unique from other deer species in that both males and females grow antlers. The males lose their antlers in the early winter, and the females retain theirs until their calves are born in spring. Caribou hooves are relatively large and rounded which help them dig through snow to reach their food, and allows them to walk on top of the snowpack when feeding on lichen that grow on trees. They migrate hundreds of miles between winter and summer ranges, although some Caribou remain at one range year round. Calving strategies differ among herds, but most migrate to mountainous terrain for calving and summer.

Mountain Caribou carry very impressive racks, with long main beams and upwards of 20 to 30 points or more. Bulls can weigh several hundred pounds, roughly the size of a bull elk. Hunts are conducted out of remote spike camps accessed by either horseback or float plane. This is a great combination hunt with the other large antlered ungulate of the north; the Canadian Moose, and is one of North America's most classic hunts. Without a doubt, our Mountain Caribou hunt is among the best in B.C. September is the best time to hunt these Caribou as they come from miles around to rut in our guiding area. Hunters wishing to primarily target Caribou can expect to see over 300 animals on a normal hunt. Even as an add on to our Moose hunts, most hunters see between 30 to 50 Caribou a day. Bulls harvested during the rut average between 320 - 380 Boone & Crockett with a couple bulls close to, or exceeding the 400 mark each year. These bulls have beautiful white manes, with white markings often running all the way back to the hip. Success rate on our Caribou hunts is 100%, and even as an add on to a Moose hunt, most hunters take both animals. Caribou are hunted by horseback or boat depending on the client's expectations; we typically will ride to several vantage points on horseback each day until we find a bull that you like. For something less physically demanding, we have boat hunts where client and guide travel the lakes and rivers with the use of outboard and/or jet propelled boats.