The North American Moose is the largest member of the deer family. There are 3 different species of Moose in North America. The Alaskan/Yukon Moose then the Canadian Northern and the Shiras Moose which is found in the southern part of British Columbia down into Montana,Idaho,Wyoming and Utah. Moose are distinguished by their large nose and impressive broad flat palmated antlers of the males. Moose typically inhabit marshy boreal forests and broadleaf mixed forests of the Northern Hemisphere. Their mating season in the fall season features energetic fights between males competing for females. Moose have phenomenal hearing thanks to their very large ears and bulls will travel for miles once they hear the distinct whaling of a cow in heat. 

Gillnockies Guiding & Outfitting Ltd. guide area boasts some of the finest Shiras Moose hunting available for those looking to harvest a trophy bull. This is one of our highest success hunts and has consistently produced trophy class bulls in the 40 to 50 inch spread range and some even reaching up to 60 inches. Tags are very difficult to draw in the United States and B.C. and this guide territory is issued only 2 tag's each fall. We typically find big bulls in remote basins, heavily wooded and marshy areas. This hunt is based out of our main lodge and we typically travel using 4x4’s, atv’s and horseback to access our best moose hunting spots. Depending on weather and where we have been seeing the best bull's dictates what method of transportation we will use. Rifle season opens October 15th for Shiras Moose in this region and bulls are usually in full rut responding to both bull and cow moose calls.  Archery hunters can hunt moose starting September 1st but October is the best time to hunt these trophy animals. This a great hunt to carry Elk and Deer tags also as it is not uncommon to find any of these species at any time while out hunting. We recommend you book this popular hunt well in advance due to the limited tags.