The American black bear (Ursus Americanus) is native to North America and widely spread throughout the continent. Their habitat varies greatly depending on season and location. Black bears typically live in largely forested areas and can be found foraging in grassy meadows, logged off, and slide areas during spring time after they emerge from their dens after hibernation. Breeding season for bears is during the spring months of May and early June. Males will begin to travel long distances during this time until they pair up with a female in heat.    

The best time to hunt black bears in this guide area is mid May to the end of June. This is a great trip for any hunter who enjoys the wilderness and the anticipation of stalking dangerous game. British Columbia has the highest populations of black bears in North America and our guide area boasts some of the best trophy quality of bears in the region with long thick coats. Our bears average 350lbs to 500lbs with an excellent opportunity for beautiful colour phases (cinnamon, chocolate, brown and blonde).  During this hunt you will see plenty of other big game species found in our area including elk, shiras moose, deer, wolf, mountain goat, bighorn sheep and grizzly bear. Hunters can carry two tags and it is not uncommon to have the opportunity to kill two bears. Baiting is unlawful in British Columbia, so these hunts are spot and stalk,and are conducted primarily with the use of 4x4s, on horseback and on foot. We focus on glassing grassy open slopes, logged and slide areas for foraging bears. For the avid houndsmen we offer a great high success hunt in late May and all through June with our champion hunting hounds and is an excellent way to harvest big male black bears. We base this hunt out of our comfortable main lodge where many good hunting stories have been told and there are many more to come!